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A tad bit about myself...

“I want to live in a world that everyone is working as a team to accomplish tasks and unify great ideas.”

Graduated from University of Central Florida, Marlen has a huge desire for science, mathematics and medicine. He earned his Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences and minored in Health Sciences. The love and passion for medicine arose while he was volunteering, attending medical conferences, giving back to communities that have no access to health care, and the admiration for science throughout his academic career. In the future, he is planning on attending medical school and become a physician. Besides the academics, Marlen has picked up a few skills in web development. Through hours of practice and hands on work he has mastered HTML and WordPress. He is urged to learn more programming languages and new skills.

  • Name: Marlen Qaqi
  • Email: marlenqaqi@icloud.com
  • Date of birth: January 10th
  • Born/Raised: Albania/Greece
  • Resides in: United States
  • Hobbies: Running, Reading, Soccer, Air hockey, Bowling